Get up to $200k in Small Business Loans for Your Women-Owned Startup Business

Authored By: Brittni Abiolu

Getting a small business loan for your startup business no longer has to be difficult because at I supply you valuable practical advice that will give you a serious advantage when applying for startup funding with banks and lenders. My advice will educate you on what to expect and how to properly prepare yourself BEFORE you engage in the funding process with a bank or lender. Proper preparation will  simplify the startup funding process and help you increase your chances of getting approved.

How I Help You Get Small Business Loans for Your Startup

Once you understand what it takes to prepare yourself, and you feel that you are ready to start the preparation process (or if you’ve properly prepared yourself using the free advice on this website), I can connect you with my small business funding source. They have helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you, prepare themselves to get approved and raise over $350 million in startup funding over the last 12+ years! They will help you obtain as much startup funding that you qualify for from banks and lenders in their network. By using my website and working with my funding source you will learn:

  • What funding options are available to you.
  • How to qualify for those funding options.
  • Where to go to get funding (i.e. what banks & lenders to approach).
  • How to use and manage that funding effectively.

Getting the help you need through my website and funding source will enable you to:

  • Minimize the amount of time you spend searching for funding sources.
  • Get approved for funding the first time you apply.
  • Get approved at the best interest rates and terms (and at the lowest cost).
  • Get approved without pledging collateral or showing your financials.
  • Protect your assets, increase your cash flow, and grow your business.

The Bottom Line: Your can empower yourself by using my website and small business funding source as a guide for obtaining startup funding. My guidance will put you in a better position to get startup funding in the simplest and quickest way possible making it easier for you to launch and grow your business. So if you're interested in obtain funding for your startup business, you’re definitely in the right place! 

How It Works: The Small Business Loan Process for Startups

The funding process consists of 3 very simple steps. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 - Submit the Inquiry Form to Request a Call Back from My Funding Source. Once requested, they will contact you by phone to complete their prequalification application. This needs to be done so my funding source can properly evaluate your personal credit history (whether good or bad) to determine what you will qualify for and what steps need to be taken to help you prepare to get funding.

Step 2Your “FREE Evaluation Consultation” will take place. After you complete your prequalification application and my funding source thoroughly evaluates your personal credit history, they will schedule your free evaluation consultation. During the consultation they will discuss the results of your small business loan prequalification application as well as the plan of action they can take to get you funding (regardless of your credit history).

Step 3Implementing your plan of action so you can get funding! This is done after the evaluation consultation is complete. Depending on your credit history (good or bad), the plan of action will consist of either immediately beginning the process of submitting applications to lenders on your behalf to get funding or credit restoration and exploring alternative lending options.

Ready to Get Started? Let's Go!

If you ready to get small business loans for your startup business now, I am confident that my funding source can help. Complete and submit the form below so they can contact you to conduct your FREE evaluation consultation. During the consultation they will answer your most critical questions including:

  1. Can you help me?
  2. How much money can I get?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. What will it cost?

Don’t believe my funding source can help you? Check out some of my success stories and testimonials from entrepreneurs just like you who I have referred to my funding source. They got results and so can you!

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